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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Project Coordination Web Site?
This is explained in the Instructions PDF that is typically e-mailed to new users when their account is created.
To download this PDF please click here.

The project I am looking for is not listed.
Only projects with active posts will be listed after you have logged in. If the project that you are looking for has not been used for 90 or more, it will be hidden from your list. Please contact a Cuningham Group team member to have this project re-activated.

How do I add Projects or Project Team Members?
Only Cuningham Group employees can add/remove Projects or Project Team Members. If changes are required, please contact one of the Cuningham Group team members and they will make the necessary changes.

Script Timeout Error
This error is caused by an upload taking a long time. The current limit is 1 hour. If it is going to take more then 1 hour to upload your file(s), you will need to separate your files into smaller files, and upload them one at a time. After you have posted the first file, the rest of the files can be uploaded as replies to the first post.

If you have a high speed internet connection and the file is too large to upload in one hour, you should consider putting the file on CD or DVD to share it with the rest of the team.

How To Make Zip Files
Zip is a popular form of file compression. A single zip file can contain multiple files and/or folders full of files at a much smaller file size then the uncompresed files. Below are instrcutions for making zip files with 2 popular application. There are many other applications that can create and open zip files.

Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system has support for ZIP files built in. Existing ZIP files will open like folders ("Compressed Folders"), and files can be coppied out of the "Compressed Folder" just by dragging them to an uncompressed folder.

To create a new " Compressed Folder":

  1. First create a blank Compressed Folder. In either " Windows Explorer" or
    " My Computer", navigate to the location where you wish to put your Compressed Folder. From the File menu choose New, and from the fly out menu choose Compressed Folder.
  2. When typing a name for the file make sure not to remove the ".zip" extension. Also for use on this site, avoid using spaces in the file name.
  3. Now simply drag files into this folder. By default they will be copied to the Compressed Folder. Each time you drag files to this folder, wait a few seconds before dragging more files to it. Depending on the speed of your computer and network, it can take a few seconds to compress the files.


WinZip is a popular tool for working with zip files. It can be downloaded from http://www.winzip.com/

In the Start menu, locate and select WinZip.

- Select New button.
- Locate the directory where the Zip file will reside.
- Type in a name for the file.
- Press the OK button.
- Now select the Add button.
- Locate the files to add to this Zip File. You may select multiple files at one time by holding the [CTRL] key or select a series of files by picking the first file in a list and holding the [Shift] key and selecting the last file in the list that you wish to include. This will select all files between the first file selected and the last file selected.
- After the files have been selected, select the Add button.
  You have now created a Zip file. If you wish to add additional files you may select the Add button and choose more files, or if you wish to delete a file you may select the files and press the [Delete] key.